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About the team

Perfect Day is a highly creative group of game developers who share a passion for creating engaging and immersive games. Our team consists of individuals from diverse career paths, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. We believe that the key to our success is our ability to work together seamlessly, leveraging our collective strengths to create exceptional games.

Our team members come from a variety of career backgrounds, including programming, art, design, narrative, and music. We believe that this diversity is one of our greatest strengths, as it allows us to approach game development from a variety of angles. We have experience on the team from a wide range of projects, from simple mobile games to complex AAA titles, and working together as Perfect Day, we are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to push ourselves to the next level.

At the heart of our team is a shared love of gaming. We are all gamers ourselves, and we understand the importance of creating games that are fun, engaging, and compelling. We believe that the best games are those that transport players to new worlds, challenge their skills, and leave a lasting impression. We take pride in our collaborative approach to game development. From the initial concept phase to the final release, we work closely with each other to ensure that every aspect of the game is polished and refined. We believe that this approach not only leads to better games but also fosters camaraderie and friendship among our team members.


Create a world where everyone can play and create together.
Young or young at heart, play and imagination are essential parts of life no matter your age. They enrich us, give us respite, bring us joy, and bring us together. We create our games and characters to be relatable, engaging, and inspiring for all ages so they can sharein the experience of playing and creating great games.


Create games people love that open doors to worlds they want to live in.
What we build is bigger than games—they’re doors to worlds waiting to be explored, animated, scored, and brought to life in larger-than-life ways. Everything we do has the potential to expand beyond the mobile device or the console and into the theater, the toy store, and the home.


Put people first
We prioritize people in everything we do. Our success is driven by how much we benefit our players and coworkers. By putting people first, we can tailor our products to their journey and create a rewarding experience for everyone involved.
Believe in better
Good enough is not an option for us. We aim to exceed our own expectations and those of our players. We constantly strive for improvement, whether it’s through better products, better experiences, or more fun. We are committed to optimizing our work with enthusiasm and tireless pursuit of excellence. We practice excellence in all that we do. 
Enjoy the process
We love making games, and for us, it’s our own form of play. We optimize our process and team to make the most of our talents and expertise. We’ve built our business on doing what we love and doing it the way we love. If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it right. Enjoy the process with us.
Do the right thing, always
Exhibiting integrity is more than just a statement. It’s about being meticulous, following through, and making sure every detail is accounted for. Our success is rooted in the integrity we bring to our products, our commitments to players, and to each other.
Bring people together
Our mission is to unite people through meaningful experiences. From playing games to solving problems, we believe that being together is the key to achieving greater things. We create games that not only provide entertainment but also foster connections and strengthen relationships, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest with the ones you love.
Create opportunities
Let’s create opportunities to learn, play, grow, and make a positive impact on the world. Our games and workplace culture are just some of the platforms we use to achieve this. We’re constantly exploring new ways to foster engagement and amplify our reach in the communities we serve.

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